Cotton Comp 2013

Took a trip to Corcorans 3rd annual Cotton Comp, we got the coverage.

Recent Ventures

Still pics from Goshen banks w/ Stephen and Ruben.

Fourth of July 2013

Still pics from the 4th of July at Provident skatepark.


Stephen Killian BS Flip sequence and others.


Sequences of Jacob and others taken at Provdent skatepark.

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Years Worth of SkateFe

(click image above to play video)
SkateFe started out as a wooden kicker over a prime, five foot gap along side a janky, rock-bound pole jam, which people actually showed up to skate. It wasn't long before everyone realized the endless possibilities they could do with this perfect slab of pure, weather-covered 'crete. That's when the dedicated locals took action and built their own randomly placed dream spot. These are the clips gathered over the past year with the people who build, spend money and slammed at this spot, just for an escape of troubles or worries coming from living in a city full of violence. From talkative neighbors and random roamers to visiting, out-of-town, down to earth skaters to admire, there's never a bad or dull moment at SkateFe..
Thanks everyone for being down with letting me get footage. Hope she gets to stay.

The following shots were taken over the past year.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

3rd Annual Derrick Shaw Skate Comp.

(click picture above to watch video.)

3rd Annual Derrick Shaw Memorial Skate Competition 2013

Better late than never!
Derrick Shaw Memorial Skate Competition taken place at Visalia's Provident skatepark.
Cheers to everyone who came out to show support for their family and our local park, as well as the people who placed in all age divisions. 
Filmed & edited by: Lucas Davenport & Tyler Smythe.

Photo above: Austen Gott popping out the side of the big quarter, over-crook to flat.
Photo shot by Tyler Smythe

Monday, July 29, 2013

Recent Ventures

Stephen Killian feeble's Goshen bank ledge in Visalia, CA

Stephen with a proper FS nosepick.

Ruben Castillo crooks up to bank.

Joe Fosho blastin out boneless, tail-bashin to bank at Skate Fe. 

Stephen nose-grabbing bank to bank
Going right back at it with a crailgrab

Joseph Boggs BS flipping a lone bench left out at DIY, Skate Fe.
Photos by Tyler Smythe

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

At it again this year for the Fourth of July, 2013.
Less money, more pictures, more fun.

 Rinchen Barbee launching over the Provident sign.

 Stephen Killian wallridin'.

 Ruben, Rinchen & Richard ollie the big at Provident.

Ruben Castillo with a massive kickflip off the big 

Richard Chavez airs launcher to flat

 Jacob Contreras showing Richard how it's done, launcher to flat.

Joe Boggs with a blunt down the down rail.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth.
Fuck the fireworks, grab some smoke balls and show us up.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go Skate Day 2013

(Click the image to play video)

Check out what the good folks at The Future threw at the Hanford park on National Go Skate Day. We got the footy and edit. Cheers to everyone that entered and came out, everyone killed it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

9FPS- More Provident Sequences

The 12 year old homie, Jacob Contreras ollied off this roof first try.

Stephen Killian feeble to smith at Provident.

Austen Gott with a huge FS air at Provident.

Zach Hutson sex change switch blunts the big quarter pipe at Provident.

Richard Chavez back threes the medium.

All sequences are shot at 9FPS using a Olympus OM-D.
Photos by: Tyler Smythe